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Lately, there have been a lot of questions on online forums along the lines of can you track your phone. We decided to answer the question in this article. Any phone equipped with the Android operating system allows you to seamlessly enable a location service, which is precisely able to read our location and show data about geographical coordinates. See more:

Tracking your phone through the Google application

The data obtained from the GPS on the phone can be sent to an external server, which in turn will allow to determine the location of the user. One of the sites that allows tracking the user is Google itself, however, in order for this function to work, you need to properly configure Google services, accept the required permissions and a permanent connection to the Internet, and the presence of an additional application in your phone - device manager.

Tracking your phone via SMS

Another interesting feature that comes in handy when tracking another person is the SMS location service. Some GSM operators offer services allowing to transmit data about the location of the user. Of course, both the service itself and the phone must be configured beforehand. Usually you also need the user's consent to transmit your location to the other person by SMS. This is not a perfect function, but it works. There are also applications for the phone, which read data from the GPS in a set time interval and automatically send information with GPS coordinates to another phone. This is a good solution, for example, to track cars without GPS. We know that this type of add-ons in cars are very expensive, but having a phone, purchased SMS package, or Internet access, we can put a phone in our car, which will automatically send us information about the location of the car. As soon as it moves, we will know about it ???? .

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Answering the above question, it is still worth mentioning that there are many websites on the web that fictitiously offer a super service that can locate a user just based on their phone number. Do not fall for such things! Stay away from such sites! Most of them are lame. Phone in a normal way without permission of its owner or installing an application on it simply can not be located with available public methods. Do not believe in magic tricks and assurances on these sites, it is physically impossible. Remember also not to enter the phone's IMEI on these types of sites. What is phone IMEI we will discuss in another article.

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